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I think it is just a phase that she will grow out of. I know that it is scary though. I have a rotti, that as a pup ate everything small that she could find, she especially liked nuts, screws, nails and etc. which she would find in the garage. She would jump up on hubbies tool box just to get to things like that. I really believed this was going to kill her, would always find these sort of things in her poop. She was an indoor outdoor dog, but loved going into garage to find goodies. She also loved chewing cords off of things, such as elec. hand tools, lawn mowers and etc. while seeking out things in the garage, but was always an angel in the house, never did any of these things. She did finally outgrow it, but it seemed to take about 2 yrs. to do so. We did start putting hot sauce on the cords and that did seem to help some. This is a rescue dog that we got from the shelter, maybe thats why she was there. She was about 1 yr. old when we got her, and that was about 10 yrs. ago, she is a wonderful girl.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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