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puppies and furniture

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Hi, I am doing some reorganising of my apartment. In particular I am trying to get more closed storage space and high places to keep things like shoes, cosmetics and houseplants out of reach of a curious puppy.

I have been looking around for used furniture and there are a lot of really beautiful but affordable antiques around me that are really tempting me. However, one of the space which I want to put the piece of furniture is also where I will make the safe area for the puppy. I am not going to get a playpen because with the layout of my apartment it makes more sense to create a safe space by putting up babygates to fence of what is kind of a room/corridor, it connects the three main rooms of the apartment so I will be able to see the pup whether I am working or cooking.

I have never had a dog who chewed furniture. BUT I have also never been the one financially liable for any furniture destroyed by my pet! :ROFLMAO:

I have had dogs destroy soft furnishings, one who licked through the paint of a wall (I still don't understand why he did that, he did not have SA), socks, underwear, my pacifier (I was two years old and my mum had to go through our St Bernard's poo to make sure he had passed it...)

What do you think? have you ever had a dog chew on wood furniture?

Should I just buy the furniture that I like and worry about the potential puppy-destruction later?

Do you have any advice for puppyproofing things like wood baseboards and wood dresser?
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Do you have any advice for puppyproofing things like wood baseboards and wood dresser?
Yep. Don't leave them near them unsupervised. Lol.

I honestly wouldn't make it any more complicated than that. Wherever puppy is going to be left alone should be devoid of all things precious.

It also helps to give ample safe chewing and shredding opportunities to satisfy those natural urges, and to confine those opportunities to a very specific spot such as an exercise pen. That clarity ensures puppy quickly and easily learns the right thing to do, rather than being overwhelmed by the gazillion possible wrong things.
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That's definitely challenging. I would probably tether my puppy to me then, and use a collapsible crate when I absolutely couldn't supervise.

Peggy liked the taste of bitter apple, and tape or bubble wrap would likely have been extremely tempting to her. Even moreso than whatever they were protecting.
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