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Hubby and I agreed that our little silver girl HAD to be named by 5pm today. Otherwise we would likely argue back and forth about it for weeks... We never did come up with a name for Mr. Wonderful , other than wee man, puppy!!! oh ****, damnit, and LOOK! he pee'd AGAIN!! I just so happens that his new daddy is going to call him.... tada... Mr. Wonderful LoL. Mr. for short most of the time.
Anyway back to the poodle, since Hubby was such a dear to make the trip to go get her and he is such a nut about cars in general and mustangs in particular, (talked me into naming a pair of rats Austin and Martin before we were married) a car related name was among the choices for our baby.
So now the kennel name is up for debate who's am I going to use.... (I never promised to use the breeder's and I have reasons now for not wanting to) but we are pleased to announce that our little silver baby is now.....
{Kennel Name} Mustang Sally, and we will call her Saleen

Now that the namming is out of the way Saleen had a big day today. She had a little date this evening with our vet for a checkup, per agreement with breeder. Yesterday, when I bathed her her ears were in horriable shape so I was pretty sure she had a bad case of earmites or an infection in both. The vet confirmed a yeast infection and flushed and cleaned her ears and we have meds for the next week for her. She wasn't very happy about that but oh well, sometimes it sucks to be a puppy LoL.
She also got a DHLPP shot and a kennel cough vax. The breeder was doing her own vaccines and, on paper, she had everything but rabies. With the severity of the infections in her ears though I don't know that I 100% trust that. According to the agreement I signed she was supposed to have been examined by a vet right before leaving, I suspect with the breeder doing her own worming, and vaccinations though she has never seen a vet. According to the reccords he was only wormed twice and the breeder told me that she had been wormed every two weeks, Saleen has worms and is very skinny.
I guess in the gand scheme of things and ear infection and worms isn't a huge deal.... but well I feel funny about it. Don't say something that isn't true.

On the brighter side, I called another trainer in my area to sign Saleen up for puppy kindergarden. I don't teach a puppy class, and obviously as the instructor wouldn't be able to put Saleen through it if I did. I am very excited to get started with her :) Her first class is the 21st of March and yay it's on saturday morning so Hubby can come!! I don't know if I will let him do as much training with her as I was planning on. She seems very bonded with him already, no so much with me though. So far she could care less if I exist unless I happen to have food. I want to make sure she and I also have a good bond for competition, since hubby certainly won't agree to take her in the ring.

New pictures comming soon :)
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