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Pulling out all the stops! Need your help- if you want :)

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The costume contest my toy is in ends on Sunday, and with a little push from a certain you-know-who... I figure with y'alls help, we can definitely win this!

Here's the deal, Perry (aka Pierre, but we call him Peary Beary more than that, so Perry is essentially his name) is in a local pet boutique's costume contest (and amazingly, the only poodle!)... the winner gets a $100 gift certificate to their store (which...is awesome!)

So far... we're totally not in the lead. We're not in last, either. But if you would like to help, you can cast a vote by emailing [email protected] and all you have to say is that your vote is for Pierre/Spiderman!

Voting ends Sunday, November 8th at night (not midnight, probably around 5 or 6, they weren't specific), so if you want to shoot a quick email to them as a vote/nice favor to moi, that would be great!
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