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PSA precautions when banding or wrapping ears

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I try to always wrap Evra's ears now that she is growing for show. Otherwise they end up covered in food and forrest debris.

I want to warn anyone who wants to wrap or band their poodle's ears.

ALWAYS check with your comb or finger that you have placed the band beneath the ear leather.

Place your comb above the band. If you can push it through you are ok.

This is because if the band is around the ear leather it can cut off blood flow, killing the ear tissue.

I had heard of this but what I didnt know until i spoke to a person who this happened to, is that the dog wont necessarily feel it. I assumed that the dog would show pain but apparently not.

So you might not notice that anything is wrong until you have serious tissue damage.

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Good advice, I heard about the dangers of banding when a friend of mine who grew up on a dairy farm said they banded the cows tails and they eventually fell off.
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