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Hi all,
I've been contemplating adding a toy to our family, but have decided it is a decision I want to thoroughly evaluate before committing. Currently I have a 3.5yr old blue heeler/BC mix that gets along famously with animals and people alike. He is a great traveler, has an "off switch", and grew up around a 6lb Maltese so he is small dog appropriate.
A bit of background: I grew up with an Airedale terrier, my grandparents always had miniature poodles, and nowadays dog and horse training are where I enjoy spending my free time. I work as a veterinary assistant and met a few toy's at work that I have fell in love with. They are all from the same breeder who is local and that's where I'm leaning towards getting one from. I'd love a little sidekick to accompany us while hiking, traveling, around the barn, and at home snuggled up at the end of the day.
The grooming aspect doesn't deter me as we hand stripped our Airedale for 13 years until resorting to clippers, but I do have some questions. I know poodles are known for being smart, but what are everyone's experiences house training all varieties? Also if anyone has an opinion on quality companion toy breeders in MI, OH, or IN I would love to hear about them.

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Hi and Welcome to you and Potential Poodle!

I've had only mini's and my memory's only working for my current set of boys :). It took about 6 months for them to be fairly reliable in the house. That time is in line with their physical maturity rate. They understand what's asked for quite a while before they have the physical control to comply. The biggest key to success is staying ahead of the curve. They can hold their eliminations about 1 hour per month of age, Unless...they've been sleeping or napping, eating or drinking, playing, whatever they've been doing, take them out right after. Early months, it may be 1-2 times overnight. Using a schedule as a framework helps, This is, of course, all generalities.

In my case. I think having 2 slowed the process down a bit. I started with pee pads in the house as a backup, near the door to where we took them outside. A month or so in, I thought to add a string of bells to the door handle. Every time we went out, I'd say "ring the bell, go outside go pee go poop" then take their paw or nose and jingle the bell, then take them to the Go spot. They surprised me eventually by jingling the bells on their own. After a brief learning curve, they generally limit the ringing to actually needing to go.

I don't have any breeder recommendations, but I keep some links** for starting a search when this comes up. Also, how far would you be willing to travel to pick up a pup? Would you be comfortable having a breeder pick a pup for you, after going over your preferences in a pup?

** the links aren't copying the URL. "Copy" from OneNote now "Pastes" only as a non-editable or actionable image. I'll figure that out and get them in here for you once I do.

going the long way round here :)






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