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Proper introduction

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My name is Ronda and I just jumped into another thread without introducing myself so time to rectify...

I have one awesome poodle Brandon, a white miniature male who is almost 8 yrs old. It feels like I just got him last week, I don't know where the years have gone...I also used to have a black mini named Dylan who I told you all about but he currently resides with my nephew and holds the all important job of holding down the couch. Brandon is my peter pan...he's never going to grow up. lol He has a retrieve drive that puts labs and border collies to shame, he'll go all day until he can't stand up and then beg for more. He has completed lots of obedience classes where he is always a star and then goes home and promptly forgets most of what he performed flawlessly in class. :rolffleyes: I'm being played, I know it. He's lucky he's so darn cute.

I also have a 4 yr old rottweiler that I adopted from a coworker when she had to move out of state. Holly lives in awe of Brandon and they get along splendidly. Mostly because she is laid back submissive and Brandon is bossy and dominant. :)

I have been professionally grooming for over 13 yrs now and can't imagine doing anything else excpet winning the lottery and in that case, I would ride horses all day long and never groom another dog besides my own.

Horses are my big passion. I ride jumpers and have one unorthodox jumper, a paint horse named Gambler who is the love of my life. I also love Taekwondo, swimming laps, riding sea-doos, fishing, and reading.

I've lurked here for almost a year now and will try to post more.

So that's me, in a few paragraphs. Which is good for me cuz I'm not a frequent poster, but I'm a long winded one. :wacko:

Talk to ya all later,
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