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problems posting

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Any idea why it's 'hit and miss' for me to respond to a post?
It shows I am logged in... yet can't open private messages, nor respond... sometimes it will work when I hit 'quote' and then write something. I'm actually surprised this worked as nothing else has this morning.

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Well sure... now it's working! :(
Hmmm perhaps it is puter?
Loved the pics of your girls so sweet!
Wow PHR is way cool ! I have been researching my butt off. LOVE IT !!!!
And ya know what else ? Someone was kind enought to enter all my dogs for me So i really saved a bunch of time!
Now I can post a response but can not open private mail.
My computer must be blocking... sorry.
Ugh that's probably it. Hope you get it figured out.
Let me know if you're still having issues posting or accessing your PM. I checked your profile and everything seems in order.
Thanks for checking on that. It's just so odd... why it works sometimes but not all the time? I have 2 private messages that even though I've logged in (numerous times) I cannot open it.
Watch... as soon as I send this out it will work! :)
I've also found it takes a day later to open. Also strange.

Thanks again.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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