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It might be hard when he's crying but do your best not to take him out of his crate for whining, it will make it harder to crate train him and he'll think you'll always come to his rescue for anything he doesn't like or approve of.

It sounds like he's just a big baby and has to learn some manners in your house. He has to learn that he does not get his way by throwing a hissy-fit.

You could also reintroduce the crate using positive reinforcement and a clicker and for every time he's in the crate you click and treat. After awhile he will learn going in the crate earns reward and will do it willingly but it takes some patience.

Lots of play and exercise will help as well, as you mentioned when he's tired he just drifts off to sleep. Make sure he's had some exercise before being crated. This might take away some of that energy he has to scream at the top of his lungs.

Sometimes covering a crate with something so he can't see out of it helps as well just make sure it's something really light like a tshirt or something, using a heavy towel or blanket might make it too hot in his crate and such.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you are telling HIM what to do and never the other way around. Dogs and poodles in general are very good at training their owners!

Teach him how to sit and make him sit and stay before getting food or doing anything fun like going outside for play, etc... make him EARN the things that he enjoys so much.

If he wants attention make him sit for it and earn it somehow. If he brings a toy to you wait for him to go elsewhere with it and then YOU initiate the play-time not the puppy. Little things like that might seem like not a big deal but it really does help and it will make living with your dog so much easier.

I would also urge you not to allow them on the couch unless being invited up by you and they know that YOU say it's okay.

Doing small things like that will ensure you have a dog that will listen to you and look to you for leadership and guidance instead of trying to boss you around. Once a dog knows their place it's smooth sailing but getting there can sometimes be difficult especially when puppies are so darn cute that it's really hard to enforce rules and things of that nature.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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