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Problem...Please Help!!

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I just got my 8week old standard puppy yesterday and he has not stopped crying yet...and boy can he YELL!!! He seems to be afraid of everything, not just general puppy fear...like OMG im going to die fear. If i sit with him he starts to cry...when i feed him he starts to cry...the only time he's not crying is if he is allowed to walk around freely and rest when and where he chooses. Last night i sat with the kennel door open and then moved after he calmed down...after a while(he was punch drunk tired) i closed the gate and he driffted off to sleep. He woke up in two hours and i took him to his peepee spot and he went potty...after i played with him for a few min and put him back in the kennel where he went back to sleep. Even as im sitting here typing he is screaming to the top of his baby lungs..

He follows my two daughter and I everywhere...tail wagging. Loves the balls and stuffed monkey. If i take him to the gated area where his weewee pads are he will start one screaming..even if im standing there...he tries to hide behind and between my legs, even though i am standing right next to him. I wait for him to go to the bathroom and then i take him and play.

Now i put him in the kennel and he started to protest and as soon as i said no, he rolled his eyes looked away and plopped down...he is so tired but he's fighting it. He seems to like exploring the area and doesn't mind moving around..but as soon as i move he's right on me...He doesn't mind the cat and plays with his ball and stuffed animals if he's out. I am thinking, will this ever end? Did i mention he has the loudest cry bark i have EVER heard.
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It might be hard when he's crying but do your best not to take him out of his crate for whining, it will make it harder to crate train him and he'll think you'll always come to his rescue for anything he doesn't like or approve of.

It sounds like he's just a big baby and has to learn some manners in your house. He has to learn that he does not get his way by throwing a hissy-fit.

You could also reintroduce the crate using positive reinforcement and a clicker and for every time he's in the crate you click and treat. After awhile he will learn going in the crate earns reward and will do it willingly but it takes some patience.

Lots of play and exercise will help as well, as you mentioned when he's tired he just drifts off to sleep. Make sure he's had some exercise before being crated. This might take away some of that energy he has to scream at the top of his lungs.

Sometimes covering a crate with something so he can't see out of it helps as well just make sure it's something really light like a tshirt or something, using a heavy towel or blanket might make it too hot in his crate and such.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you are telling HIM what to do and never the other way around. Dogs and poodles in general are very good at training their owners!

Teach him how to sit and make him sit and stay before getting food or doing anything fun like going outside for play, etc... make him EARN the things that he enjoys so much.

If he wants attention make him sit for it and earn it somehow. If he brings a toy to you wait for him to go elsewhere with it and then YOU initiate the play-time not the puppy. Little things like that might seem like not a big deal but it really does help and it will make living with your dog so much easier.

I would also urge you not to allow them on the couch unless being invited up by you and they know that YOU say it's okay.

Doing small things like that will ensure you have a dog that will listen to you and look to you for leadership and guidance instead of trying to boss you around. Once a dog knows their place it's smooth sailing but getting there can sometimes be difficult especially when puppies are so darn cute that it's really hard to enforce rules and things of that nature.
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Thank you so much!! I am trying so hard...Every two hours i take him to the weewee pad and let him go. He seems very very demanding...most of the dogs ive owned just seemed to want to play but something about this boy screams "listen lady, i need to be the boss". One thing i'm confused about is the breeder was using the crate as the bathroom with news paper on the floor. I have a crate and a gated area so i was going to leave the gate open where he could rest and then leave when he needs to go the bathroom,but i dont think he gets it the idea. He will however, go on the weewee pads. I just removed a big pilliow from his create after reading a post that says to wait to see how clean he can be...and sure enough he had pee on it...and i was taking him out to his weewee pad every two hours. So, no pillow and i will monitor him even more.

The yelling screaming thing is like WOW!! My ears kind of hurt....lol!
I would let him lay right by you and sleep on the bed. I know some people won't let a dog in their bed but it works. I also have never had one pee in the bed either. when they get up and start to move around I would take him out.
sounds great!

At this point i am open to try anything. This afternoon seems to be a lot better. i think he wore his self out so he is really tired and now he's drinking his water in the kennel. I started feeding him by hand so he could get used to me. Now when we go behind the gate to weewee he goes right away on the pads. I praise him and then if he's finished he will make little noises but nothing like yesterday. I know the people next door are going to complain. I live in a condo and dog howls are never a welcoming sound.
If he does that tonight i will put him in the bed with me. I was always told that they will get rotten and never want to go in the kennel, so that's why i tried to avoid it. I stayed up all night sitting at the computer looking like a crazy person with bags from my eyes hitting the floor just so he could see me, but it didnt work. Tonight will be better i hope.
Thank you so much, great idea! Sometimes you can read all year and nothing proves better then hands on experience and finding what works for you and your dog.
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Did the breeder socialize him well? Most of the time if they are socialized well the adjustment is pretty smooth with little crying.

If it were me, I'd just let him cry. I know it's unnerving but the more you give in the more he will cry. Just act like he's not doing it. He just misses his littermates.
Poor lil' guy, it doesn't sound like he was ready to leave...what does the breeder say? Has he been to the vet yet?

The first couple of nights Harley was home I put in my earbuds and put my clock radio right by my pillow. I got up every few hours, took him out, made sure he did something outside and put him back. Stay strong, you won't regret it. I gave into my Maltese the first night and he has been a housebreaking nightmare!
I also would suggest you keep on crate-training , especially if you do not plan sleeping with him to the rest of your life in your bed !!! Dogs are like kids - you give them one inch - they will be all over you ! I had friends who ended up sleeping with their kids till "kids" were age 9 !!!! Now - that is what happens when one takes "easy way out" LOL

I agree with AIDAN - he needs to know who is the "leader of the pack" and your and dog's life would be so much easier if you have well behaved and obedient dog - you will be welcome to take him almost anywhere if he is crate -trained, and if needs to stay with somebody else occasionally, or at the vet etc. - he will have MUCH easier time since he will feel safe in "his den".

Yes, training could last 2 weeks or more in that respect - but rewards are for life. Just my opinion ; )
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