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Presenting our Amstaffs and White Swiss Shepherds

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Here I would like to present our Amstaffs and White Swiss Shepherds (and our cat) we are FCI breeders, participating in shows around Europe.
Our two mini poodles have great relationships with our bigger dogs, all living together nice life. ☺
Cuba (Amstaff female) - registered name Proud Line I Like The Way You
joined us in 2016, she is born 05. November 2015, brindle brown coat and fantastic character. All our dogs have done health checks and have valid breeding licenses.

Next is her daughter, who lives with our friend, Roxy (registered name: Bandita I Came to Win), also dark brindle.

We have also white-brown Amstaff girl that came from Serbia in 2019, called Beba (registered name: Prada I Came to Win Dolly Bell).

Here comes our White Swiss Shepherds. First that joined us is Una (Una Fliegeland).

One and only male we have is also White Swiss Shepherd, winner of many shows (Euro Winner 2019, International Champion,....). His name is Bjorn (Bjorn Bako Lord of North).

And Una daughter, Dominetta (Dominetta I Came to Win).

We are also waiting for two more BBS females to join us in Spring, one is daughter of our Bjorn and one comes from Russia. More about them later. 😊
Here is also our website: www.ictw-kennel.com, if someone would like to see and learn more about breeds we have!
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Our 5 months old cat, Maggie. ❤
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Bjorn’s daughter who will join us soon, Alpina (Chloe Rose of Cataline Wolf).
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And little Russian girl we are waiting for... Taiga (Calinca-Malinka iz Beloy Brigady).
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Ughhh <3 Other than Poodles, AM Staffs are one of my loves.. along with American staffordshire bull terriers. Such characters.
They are beautiful!
My heart🥺😢. I have a question @ictw what are the differences between the White Swiss Shepherd and the German Shepherd?
These photos are all exquisite, but Taiga.... Oh my goodness. That might be the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.
What good looking dogs! I have never heard of Swiss Shepherds. Oh, my! They’re attractive. That puppy!!!
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