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Potty problem

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I have a poodle mix and it has been with us for a year now. She was a pet store puppy so we had problems potty training her at first. The other day my wife had to leave her in the crate for a few hours and she had an pee accident. This was the first accident in a long time. However, since that one accident she's been doing it more often. Why is this and how can I stop it if its so hard to catch her in the act? Thanks...
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Dogs have the urge to mark in the same places. It could be that the smell of her previous accident is attracting her to go there again. You could try disinfecting all the spots she's had an accident and sprinkling a little vinegar so she can't smell it. :)
Great...I'll try that and hopefully it will fix things.
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Natures Miracle is good for getting rid of the smell.

For us, we had to steam clean the room (prof.) to make it all better. We had used the at home units and they just don't do it as good as a hot prof. one.

Going to the bathroom in the crate is different than on carpet.. the crate should be seen as a den and they should NEVER go in there den.

If they are you should make sure they go to the bathroom before you put them in, or completely clean the crate.

Remember not to use a crate as punishment but only a place to sleep at night and go when you are not at home.

Good luck, our 9/mo is pretty much poddy trained 100% but if he drinks to much and we forget to take him out he will tinkle on our wood entry way and let us know LET ME OUT.

I sure he would bark when he had to go :D
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