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Potential new addition!!!!

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I can hardly contain myself!!!

Today, a family friend told us of a white/cream spoo boy that is looking for a home. The story behind this boy is that his owner got an extremely prestigious job overseas and was unable to bring him along. He is currently living with a neighbour of our family friend, but he already has two black spoos in a tiny condo, and feels that the third is just too much.

I never, in a BILLION years, thought my mom would even MENTION this to me. She is NOT an animal lover, and while she loves Matrix, the thought of having TWO big dogs in the house was something out of a fairy tale to me. Well, I guess my mom really realizes how much dogs mean to me, and she is fully behind this decision to potentially add this spoo to our family. We have yet to talk to my dad about it since this is a VERY recent development, but he loves dogs and I'm pretty sure that he'll be open to this as well. I am beyond excited and hoping beyond hope that this will work out as I will FINALLY have a dog that has a suitable temperament for therapy work!!!!!!!

The only thing that may prevent this new addition from happening is:
Matrix!! He is unpredictable about what dogs he likes and doesn't like. Gender doesn't seem to matter, but generally opposite sex matches work out better and the potential newbie is male. He loved our late bichon, but he grew up with her. They never played together or anything because of age and size differences, so adding a young (~2 yrs) MALE spoo to the house would be a completely new experience for him that ...he may not like. I think he would LOVE a new companion, but I'm not sure if he'd appreciate a young male spoo type of companion.

Could I make this post any longer???

Anyways, I'm wondering what you guys think would be the BEST way to introduce the two dogs. Matrix usually does much better meeting dogs offleash, but that makes it harder to step in if a problem arises. I was thinking of taking a page from Cesar Milan, and start with a walk together and end off at an offleash area where they can interact and such.
If you can't tell already I REALLLY want this to work out :)P), so I'm looking for an introduction method that will almost guarantee an instant friendship! Just kidding, but that would be ideal!!

So yeah, any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading this whole thing!!
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Awesome Locket !

Well off leash is better because dogs do get defensive on leashes this is why dog parks do not allow leashes.

I have seen Cesar do all kinds of methods to introduce dogs to each other. I think walking them might work but you have to make sure you have control over both dogs other wise it will end up in smoke.
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