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There are many supplements available in the market
that can increase a Dog's appetite and help you keep
your pet more healthy such as Natural Balance. You
can also review different types of food supplements
specifically for increasing a dog's appetite at the link below:

You can also try:

- Warm canned or moistened dry food in the microwave to increase
the aroma of the food. Be sure to stir the food before feeding it to
your dog, and that it's not so hot that it could burn your dog!

- Add a little water from canned tuna to increase the aroma of your
dog's food. Ask your veterinarian if your dog might also have small amounts
of bacon drippings, hamburger grease, clam juice, chicken drippings, or
baby food added to his normal diet.

- Switch to canned food (if currently feeding dry food). Consider
switching to special high-calorie, nutrient-dense diets made specially
for "stressed" animals.

- Feed smaller amounts of food more often. By offering a small amount
of food several times each day, your dog may actually increase her total daily intake.

Good Luck! ;)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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