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Hello all! Ok, I know I ask so many questions....but I'm a new mommy!!!

Marley has had diarrhea and I'm not quite sure what to do. I read to not feed him for about 12 hrs or so and then try just plain rice. He wouldn't eat the rice, so after a day of him getting everything out of his system (or that's what I thought) I gave him just a little food. I thougth we were out of the clear...I feed him a little more last night and then his normal dosage today.

When I came home from work--more diarrhea! The odd part is that he's not acting like he's "sick." He still runs around and plays with his toys. It seems that he just has diarrhea then he's ok?? I am not quite sure what to do. We have a local dog market where the owners are very knowledgeable and I think Imay visit them tomorrow and get some feedback beforeI go running to the vet.

Anybody have any advice?

Thanks so much for all the help! Us new 'moms' do appreciate it!! :rolleyes:
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My sister poodle had a very sensitive stomach and would get diarrhea often. The vet told her to boil ground beef and mix it with rice. She would do that for a few days and he would be fine on his regular food after that. Until he got a hold of something else that would cause it again.
Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the great advice!! :D
While on the topic does any other Poodle get 'excited' or happy diarrhea ?

Moose gets it when he goes to the lake and runs runs runs and plays within 5-10 minutes it comes. It was happening at the pool (luckily he knows to go the grass) but it's stopped now.

It seems when he gets overly excited or exerts a LOT of energy in a short period of time... Anyone else notice this ?
No I haven't notice happy diarrhea. So, I'm of no help to you.:confused:
I have heard that real pumpkin, can help with diarrhea.
Poodle are know to have sensitive stomachs, what do you currently feed your dog?
Have you checked for food allergies. My Brody always had gas and sometimes loose stool. No other symptoms, then he had several life threatening allergic reactions to an unknown allergen. We did extensive allergy testing to find out he is allergic to ALOT including rice and potatoes. Rice and potatoes are in 95% of kibble. He is now on an allergen free diet with no problems.
I would double check the food you are feeding - my standard had a very sensitive tummy as well. The breeder told me about Forco - don't know where you live, but it supposedly helps and settles the tummy naturally. She uses it whenever she needs before going to a vet medicine. I am going to buy some for our new puppy. After many bouts of tummy trouble I finally realized that Roxy could not do poultry in any form. Look at your food ingredients, if you do need to switch foods, remember to do it gradually or more tummy distress.
My vet told me to give my standard one Imodium for diarrhea, my toy poodles 1/2 of an Imodium. Any time they get diarrhea I use this advice and it gets me through the night asleep! I can deal with the source the next morning. It usually takes care of the entire duration of the diarrhea with one dose.
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