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Does anyone have this, it's published by Dog Fancy? I have the Maltese issue and I found the Poodle one on Ebay and ordered it. I bought the one w/ the toy Poodle in a pet clip, but there's another that says it was publish the same year (2006) w/ a standard in show clip. Are they the same exact book or is there a difference (besides the cover)?

I'm not a big fan of Dog Fancy Magazine but I do like my Maltese book/magazine. It's not as "fluffy" as their monthly magazine or breed profiles and I don't remember any breeder ads.
I have two of these magazines but I believe they are different years. Honestly they don't change too much in these magazines

I have the one with the red toy poodle and the white show dog if I find them I will let you know for sure.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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