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Poodles relaxing

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I took a few pics today and I can't resist sharing. I thought it would make for a fun thread to post your favorite pics of poodles relaxing.

The first 3 were taken today. The rest are older ones. The puppy one is of Betty Jo. As you can tell we all love to snuggle with our poodles.


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Those are GREAT pics! I love them all but have to say, those first ones are a trip! I absolutely love how the one on the top of the couch is laying with her head on the other. Too precious! It is great to see poodles and their owners enjoying each other.. just as it should be!! :)

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Just took this with my cell phone... sorry for the crappy quality and the "dead" squeaky toys in the background... Meau was chewing on a bone and Lucy decided she looked like a nice pillow!!

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