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I have been researching poodle colors for a long time. But sometimes the informations is complicated. Sometimes it is contradictory. I have found some detailed articles, but I never understand them 100%. Because my English is not good. And I want to ask you some questions that have been on the mind.

First of all, I know the story of the appearance of the red standard Poodle. But the things I don't understand are:

1. If the world has never had a red poodle before, how does it emerge that is not natural?

2. As far as I know, the apricot color comes from brown; red color is from apricot. (Why are the red and apricot Poodle's black nose when the brown Poodles have a brown nose?)

3. Someone told me that apricots, red, white and cream Poodles have the same gene. So if all of these are tonal differences, the offspring is determined according to what.

4. Does the red Poodle's color always fade?

5. When the Red Poddles were first produced (because they were made from two different sized dogs), there were strains about their length. Are there any physical or other problems in the standard red Poodles today?

This time it's about the white Poodles. In an article I found, he writes:

Clear and brilliant, with no cream, yellow, or tan. A glistening, startling white. There are at least two kinds of white, white 1 and white 2.

The only visible difference between the two is that white 2 is more likely to have pink skin rather than a bluish black or silver skin. The eyes are jet black, so dark that one hardly can distinguish the iris from the pupil. Eyerims, nose, and toenails are black. The skin is bluish black or silver, a solid color .

6. Someone told me that the white Poodles were born with a pink body, then sun tan. What is the truth?

I realize I've made some nonsense sentences. All I want is general information. General information about white, cream, apricot and red color and the genes of these colors. Short but nice information.

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Hi Arctic.

Unfortunately there is a lot of false information about poodle colors on the internet, much of it on breeder web sites.

White, cream, apricot and red poodles all have two copies of the recessive e gene. So they are ee. You can test for the e gene. Some black (or brown) poodles carry it (they are Ee), and some don't (EE). The genes that determine where a poodle will be on the white-cream-apricot-red spectrum have not been identified, so there is no test for that.

Apricot does not come from brown. Brown poodles have two copies of the recessive brown gene (bb), and at least one E. A bbee poodle would be white, cream, apricot or red with a brown nose.

Here are some reliable sources of information about poodle colors:

Manda Rawlings article in March 2015 issue of the Poodle Club of Canada’s Poodle Scene. Article starts on page 14, so you need to scroll down. This is an excellent summary of the genetics of poodle colors.

Vetgen poodle color chart. This shows what you can test for.

If you are on Facebook, join the Poodle Color Genetics group. There is a geneticist/breeder who knows everything there is to know about poodle colors, and she answers any questions.
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