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Poodle with amputated ear.

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Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place or not and haven't posted for about 2 years. We had a very severe house fire and lost everything, including out toy poodle Fig, another dog, a bunny, and 2 cats. Jisoo, our small standard was badly burned but will survive, however she will be having her ear amputated tomorrow. It was beyond repair although the vet had been trying everything he could.

Has anyone ever had a poodle or dog have their ear amputated? Has anyone else had a dog with burns? I am curious about the long term care and things we need to watch out for. I know the vet will be giving us after care instructions, when she can finally come home, but would also love to hear other people's experiences. 


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Oh my god my heart breaks reading this. I'm so sorry for your losses. Wishing a successful recovery.

I don't have personal experience but I've seen videos showing recovery of dogs from burns and they seem to recover surprisingly quickly. Poodle hair seems to be slower to recover than normal dog hair so it may take a long time to see how much hair will grow back. But the important thing is that she will be pain free and healthy. I'm sure the ear will not be a big issue. She may feel a bit off balance at first but I'm sure she will adjust. I've seen dogs with amputated ears and they seem fine.
I'm so sorry.

We have two members that I know of who each have gone thru something like one part of what you describe. If they don't see this and respond, I'll send you a PM with their usernames tomorrow. I'm sure they'd be glad to offer information but I don't want to speak out of turn and take them thru those memories publicly, although each situation was noted on PF at the time.
So sorry to hear of your losses - so tragic. I have not had a dog facing a surgery on the ear. I did have one of my Springer Spaniel. Buckwheat who went blind and he was an amazing dog and had a long and healthy life. Prayers from Alabama.
I am sorry to hear about the loss of your pets and fire in your home but I do know this that animals on a whole recover far better than humans, a life time ago I took in two cats that had survived two gas explosions and the subsequent fires at my neighbors house, mind you they ran off after it was months before they were recaptured. When I finally caught them their feet were badly scarred and fur was still singed and whiskers were curled.
Yes they were sick at first but they recovered beautifully and lived a very long life with me after that.
I am so very sorry to read this. Best wishes to your family and especially Jisoo.
I am sorry to hear of this, it breaks my heart.
I am so sorry to hear of these losses. Fires are just awful. I have not had any similar sort of experience but I hope your spoo will recover well.
I’m so sorry to hear of your losses, and the injury of your poodle. He should recover completely with good vet care, home care, and heaps of love. All I can say is to follow the vet’s instructions to the letter. Please keep us posted on his recovery.
Wow, that is so much to go through. I'm so sorry terribly sorry this happened to you. Fires are devastating.

I have seen a dog with an amputated ear. It was a rescued outside dog, and his ear was frozen to the side of the kennel if I recall correctly. I saw the dog just a few weeks after surgery and it was happy as could be to be in a home with love and warm treats!

I'm sure the missing ear will be okay for your pup. If I had to guess, the loss of her pals and her familiar home is probably more upsetting. You're doing such a great job in caring for her even while you are going through so much. She's a lucky girl to have you!
I read your story on Facebook and was very moved by it. While I have not had a one eared dog I will share a little abot healing from burns. I am in Fort Collins and the veterinarians here in town use Manuka honey to promote healing. Several years ago my veterinarian was treating some animals for burns from the high park fire. One little dog had all four feet burned and burns on her face and ears too. She was in great pain despite pain meds. He switched her from traditional burn ointment to using Manuka Honey on her burns. It has great antibiotic and healing properties. I saw her at her worst and then 3 days later. Her burns were much less painful and were beginning to heal and looking much less angry. She healed quickly and without any complications from infection. Another emergency vet clinic used Manuka on a friend’s hound with a horrible necrotic wound. The healing was quick and truly amazing. You may wish to visit the idea of using ManukaHoney with your veterinarian, if you run into any issues with post surgery healing. I hope your baby heals well and without complications. I am so very sorry about your losses and what you all have endured. Cathy and Poppy
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I’m so sorry. (((Gentle hugs)))
This really tore my heart out. I am so sorry for the tragic losses and trauma your family—furry and human—has endured.

I wish I had some helpful words for you, but all I can offer is a virtual hug from a stranger and my very best wishes for Jisoo's healing.
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