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Poodle Registry Name Help

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So when I get my new miniature poodle puppy I plan on showing, I need a
fancy registry name! I want my last name on it, which is "Burkhardt." And
the puppy I am getting is going to be a silver beige.

I can't wait to get him soon, everything looks great about him so far and
the breeder is really nice and caring. The puppy was whelped inside her
home and is well socialized with a few champions in his AKC pedigree.
Please no more negative comments that make me feel bad about getting
the dog!:(

So any name help?
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AS far as I am aware we only have one regisiter too, the Kennel Club and my breeder has already regisitered Zac, so his name is Joccoaa Wizard! xx
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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