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Poodle Points

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I bought the poodles a new duck toy (one of the AKC ones) today since they killed the last one. I have all my purchases in their bags in a pile, and of course the dogs are all sniffing away at them.

Next thing I know, Tsuki emerges from pile with the toy duck and makes a break for it! Little silver blur, followed shortly by a red blur, and I find them under the couch squeeking the heck outta new Mr. Ducky.


Needless to say, she got a handful of poodle points. I always knew she'd be an awesome workin dog. LOL. She's slowly earning her poodle points back, seeing as she's not really much of a water dog. She'll even out someday. LOL

Do your dogs earn "poodle points" for poodly things? The schnauzers get schnauzer points... but they took all the points so I'm unable to hand them out.
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My mini isn't a water dog, either. He'll jump gracefully over large puddles and tries to escape during baths, lol.

Poodle points? Sounds like a good idea. I normally chastise him for doing poodle things, like tugging me to chase birds on walks. Heh, lol.
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