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poodle play date

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well,murphy is going on his first play date with a small dog group by our house.

I'm a little nervous as he hasnt done really well with other dogs. (barking, running behind me..etc)

but the only contact he has come in with other dogs are bigger dogs.

Our neighbor got a german shepard puppy, same age, and he swat little murphy in the head and he went flying. (he wasnt hurt)

My sister in laws dog is a wheaton terrier and he was scared of him too but after about 2 hours, he got more comfortable with him. Again, much bigger dog compared to little Murph.

I hope this helps, i got to get him socialized. He loves people and kids though. He runs up to anyone and greets them with his puppy kisses and is so excited.
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Good luck...it is good to have them mix at a young age with dogs who know how to get along with other dogs...you want him to have some good experiences.
murphy did an outstandiing job. :) He smelled enough butts to keep happy for at least a few weeks.

He wasnt scared, went right up to the other dogs, wanted to play after a while. I am so proud of him.

well, looks like we got ourselves a play group.
That's great, I'm happy for you and Murphy. Do you have any pictures? Everybody loves pictures :)
I have found the best play time for Rogan has been at our Puppy classes. All the pups are around the same age and I think that's important for a puppy; older dogs tend to not tolerate a puppy's energy and lack of manners and can result in a negative experience for the pup. I've also found that similar breeds make the best playmates. At puppy class, there are 2 doodles, and it's really funny how Rogan always wants to play with those guys first! I guess because their play styles are so much more alike and they just seems to "click"... there are labs and german shepards as well, and he has less interest in playing with them, so finding other poodle pups for Murphy would be a good idea too IMO. As much as I'm against the Doodle craze, the doodles in my class are so sweet and very cute, so we're going to set up some play dates after our classes ends so the puppies can continue being friends :)
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