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Poodle Picture Contest

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Contest will be voted upon by members here in a poll on Jan 10th.

The contest is:
- Your poodle and snow, and for those w/out snow available substitute playing in the water or rain :cyclops:

If you have an idea for a contest let me know :)
You can post 3 pictures to choose from in the voting.
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No hose here either Todd, I accidently ran over it with the lawn
mower a while back, LMAO! :lol:

If I think of a picture idea, I will let you know. :)
ROFL, Thats funny.
Hey, it takes to long to re-bath jazz and dry... sooo noooooo I'm not gonna let her go play in the rain (though there are plenty of chances for it her in FLA).

How about bath pictures for the next contest? I could manage that one :p
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