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Hello everyone,

after years and years of pining after a toy poodle we have found that we are in the perfect position to finally add a little one to our lives. I have researched non stop into the breed and contacted our local toy poodle club as well as friends and family members who show dogs, to learn about the breed as much as I can. I think it’s safe to safe I am slowly becoming obsessed.

It is worth nothing we want a pet and not a dog to breed or show, we just want a little one to join us and be loved and spoiled. After doing all our research on the breed and breeders and establishing relationships in the poodle community, are now at the point where we have made 2 very good connections with 2 top UK breeders- both of whom have champion dogs and breed beautiful toy poodles- but both offer us something different so we have ended up confused.
I first became enamoured with poodles when seeing the whites creams apricots and reds. The reds really stole my heart and that was always what we were going to go for. We then luckily got connected to Afterglow but they specialise mainly in black but also get the odd brown pups also. These guys are world renowned and just amazing and breed the most gorgeous dogs- just not in the colour we had set our heart to. People who we have spoken to have said this is a great connection and opportunity to have.
Our other potential breeder is Mrs Riddett of Wightwonder who specialises in apricots and reds. she has earned her CCs and cruft scofflaws with her dogs also and loves them very much.
we also know how important it is to visit mum and pups as we would love to see their temperaments and if there’s a little one we bind with, but the current climate makes it that bit harder, and also dependent on what we could get based on which pups will be for show and which will be pets.
We are now at a case of head vs heart. Do we go with a gorgeous Brown tiny toy from a champion kennel with great health history and breeding or do we go with a gorgeous red toy who are champions in their own right and what stole our heart? I don’t want us to feel we have lost an opportunity but we Are feeling so confused.

With that has anyone one here had any experience with these breeders at all? Has anyone got a brown afterglow poodle or a red Wightwonder poodle?
We are still willing and wanting to learn more and are always keen for any info you can give us.

we are likely also torn between a brown or a red. What more can you tell me about these colours? I have looked up on fading and coat quality but that seems to be down to the breeding lines and can depend on what you get. We will love our dog regardless but it isinteresting to understand what we could get in the end.
Also how tall are some of your apricots or reds? I was told that these end up slightly taller than other toy colours but I’m not sure if this is always true so again all and any advice and wisdom please.
Anything else you can share please feel free. This will be the first toy poodle (poodle) we have had and want to make sure we are making the right decisions to have our happy healthy and loving pup.

Sorry for the very long post, we are just so excited!
Thanks!! Xx
I didn't realize it before reading this thread but my dog 's sire was Sire - GCHB Afterglow Alberto and his dam was MBISS GCHS Dulcinea Creole Voodoo Queen, who dam was - GCH Donnchada My Dream Came True
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