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Poodle of the "Jazzirbbean"

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The dog event that the salon is sponsering is tonight. Our community happens to be in the mist of kicking off our big pirate festival (Billy Bowlegs) and whoooo party city had a TON of pirate stuff. LoL.

I've had Jazz and Saleen out several times today to see what works so the speak.

Debating on coloring those "dreads" if you want to call them that black... ??

eye "makeup" (dog safe of course) will be added next. For now I am taking a BREAK!! What an interesting day it is at work lol... Fun customer's to say the least. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.... Ummm Wait, what IS my job again?? LoL.

Debating on whether or not those braides should be colored black to make them look more like dreadlocks lol... probably I won't have time.
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YEAH! Make'em black!
The pirate thing really works! It's looks sooooo cool!
So awesome and looks like loads of fun!!! Can't wait to see more pics... Good luck with the event :pirate:
ROFLMAO she has that "What have you done to me.." look on her ROFLMAO!!!
why do her dreads have to be black for them to look like dreads? her hair is white so her dreads would naturally be white. I think black would look funny IMO.
B/c the black would have made them stand out, didn't have time at any rate.
She looks great, are you going to post pics of the event?? Can not wait to see!
I liked her just the way you had her. She looks geat!
OH, that looks like so much fun!!! I like her just the way she is! Can't wait to see pics from the event.
ROFLMAO she has that "What have you done to me.." look on her ROFLMAO!!!
I think it's the "Ok, FIIIINE I'll indulge you one more time but you owe me BIG" look.

and I second the ROFLMAO! Great pic!!!
Great picture! She looked terrific with her white dreds. I am glad you didn't dye them. Looking forward to seeing pics.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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