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Poodle needing home

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If anyone is considering a poodle, I came accross this while browsing craigs list. I know nothing other than what the ad says. Wish I was in a position to find out more myself, but I have all I can handle myself. Hope she finds a good home.


I will mention one red flag I notice is that I wonder why she is not being returned back to the breeder??? A lot of times with a reputible breeder the dog is required to be reutrned. I'm not saying it isn't from a reputible breeder, but just thought I'd mention it.

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This girl looks gorgeous in the C.L. picture. Makes me wonder if theres a catch someplace. Maybe not though. If anyone close enough to go see for themselves was looking for a female standard poodle, she sure looks like one to inquire about to me.
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