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Sigh... yes. Poodle memories are amazing.

Annie threw up sometime last December on a walk, and I covered it in snow. Two days later, we walked by, and I had forgotten she'd thrown up there - but she had not. So she dug a bit out to eat before I noticed. Ever since - if we walk that route, she checks under that bush for more yummy throw up :( She has a similar "I dropped a dead bird here once" spot she checks as well, and an "I found a bone here" spot.

Familiar spots - yes. Annie and I have only visited my dad a half dozen times, but she knows where she is the moment I start picking my way down the driveway. She's always excited about gravel roads = off leash time, so that could be explained, but she immediately goes on a tear around the house, and remembers the boundaries of where she's allowed to run (not to the road, not up the driveway, yes to the river and along it, yes behind the garage, yes behind the house, etc). And unfortunately, she remembers that dad taught her how to open the door to go out (no latch on the storm door, just push).

People, definitely. My childhood mini mix grew up with my neighbour and close friend visiting often. 5 years after we moved, she flew out to visit us. The dog had gotten a bit cantankerous in her old age. She did her normal bark rush the door thing... and then stopped, arrested, as the scent registered, and practically turned upside down and backwards she was so overjoyed, and did the "family member is home!" dance, instead of the "hey, who are you, I'm the boss, ok, you can pet me" dance. It was, in her opinion, a long lost member of the pack who had found us again.
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