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1. Taking naps anywhere Mom is at her feet
2. Taking Toys away from Nova
3. Dragging Nova across the floor while tugging toys away from her
4. Cuddles with her 3 two legged siblings during the evening
5. Swimming in the pool

1. Begging for Belly rubs from anyone who happens to be near.
2. Pestering/ Taunting Sandy until Sandy chases her.
3. Playing hard all day
4. Running away when someone tells her to come ( her favorite thing to do).
5. Random nap time crashing during the day and she has to be touching someone.
6. Showing and sometimes obedience training.

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What are your poodle's hobbies?

Peggy's Top Five (in no particular order):
  • watching old movies
  • carefully selecting a clean article of clothing from the bedroom and then prancing around the living room while tossing it in the air
  • playing with her best friend from puppy class
  • eating mole hill dirt
  • cheese
Eating, did I mention eating?

Finding and destroying tissues, roll of toilet paper is best victim

Playing keep away with my ball. I don't fetch, but I will accidentally roll it to a human

Barking at all perceived dangers

Snuggling with my humans
21 - 24 of 24 Posts