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Peggy Sue, Standard Poodle Born May 2019
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What are your poodle's hobbies?

Peggy's Top Five (in no particular order):
  • watching old movies
  • carefully selecting a clean article of clothing from the bedroom and then prancing around the living room while tossing it in the air
  • playing with her best friend from puppy class
  • eating mole hill dirt
  • cheese

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Babykins top five:

1. Watching animals on television
2. Enjoying her evening Kong treat in front of the TV
3. Helping fold clean laundry by using poodle paws to push it into a nice pile for napping
4. Pee marking in parks
5. Lap naps with mom

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Haha good idea. Misha's are:
1. Peeing on things to let the other dogs know he's available for playdates
2. Searching for and killing cockroaches
3. Racing around in grass like a greyhound
4. Chasing lizards (booping them with a snoot ends the game)
5. Sucking on the eyes of his stuffed toys and kneading with his paws like he's a suckling puppy :unsure:

Honorable mentions: Watching dog videos on youtube, and bothering the rabbit

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Tough question. I personally agree with Peggy, cheese!

Ben says he likes:
  • Short car rides, but nothing over an hour please
  • Firmly pushing things with his nose (piles of books, water glasses on the coffee table), it is even more enjoyable if it falls off and makes a mess
  • Napping near/on people, but please don’t talk too loud or move, that will make him look at you with one eyebrow raised or he will leave and grumble on his way out
  • Being chased by people or other dogs, unfortunately no one can ever catch him
  • Leisurely walks with so much sniffing, and the occasional excitement of scaring a bird or other creature out of a bush

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Fluffy says:

1) Finding and eating my owner's, and only my owner's, hair strands, then coughing when it tickles my throat
2) Jumping into laundry baskets (only clean clothes, thank you.)
3) Throwing anything I find that is light enough into the air and chasing after it. Nothing is safe. Nothing.
4) S L O W L Y sneaking onto the couch, and L I G H T L Y stepping onto people's laps
5) Walking beside my owner doing a doggy giggle, happy steps, and a smile at random points during the day

In this way, I confuse and amuse my humans.

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Did I say fetch?
And riding in the car when I take him mainly to the groomers.

Getting annoyed that Sachii beats her most of the time in playing fetch.
Tattle-tailing to me that Sachii is laying in her favorite dog bed.
Dominating the 2nd best spot in my bed (I get the first).
Barking non-stop when in the car, I swear she likes doing this.
Proving that she's smarter than Sachii.

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Enzo says he likes:

1. Hitting everyone with his paws
2. Becoming a bouncy bunny whenever he gets to play with a dog
3. Sneakily grabbing worn socks and racing off
4. Barking and crying dramatically when he is hungry and wants his breakfast in his crate, and can't last through a very very short session of clicker training
5. Sleeping with his feet above him, leaning so they touch a wall


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1 Food
2 Aperitif hour treats
3 Going outside to hunt for any of the cats' food has dropped onto the ground
4 Scrummy medicine in chicken
5 Snuggling next to Mum in her big chair

1 Long walks in interesting places
2 Waiting for Mum to be busy and then emptying out the waste paper baskets
3 Making Mum play "I can tickle Sophy's toes" on the floor after supper
4 Aperitif hour treats
5 Snuggling on the Special Red Blanket after asking Mum to flump it up properly

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This is a great thread! I’m smiling and chuckling at every response.
Bobby’s hobbies are:

1. Eating. The dog seriously loves to eat. He will do anything for food or a treat which, for training, is great but I will always have to be on top of this so he doesn’t lose his lovely figure.
2. Being the household alarm clock. I’m beyond amazed how dogs “tell time.” And of course, meal and snack times are his priority.
3. Car rides. Bobby adores car rides. Short ones and long ones. One must spell the word car unless he is actually going for a ride.
4. Chewing on his bully stick before bedtime every single night. I keep us stocked up on them just in case there is a shortage.
5. Going for his walks which includes a favorite hobby...sniffing, sniffing and more sniffing and lifting his leg at his favorite spots. Bring a dog of routine I even know most of those favorite spots.

This was hard! He has so many hobbies so it was tough to narrow it down to just five. 😉

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Beckies are :
  • chasing squirrels
  • eating dirt worms and other insects
  • killing stuffed toys
  • getting a full body massage (by me)
  • running like a deer
  • running with Merlin
  • eating
  • going on walks
Merlin’s are :
  • cuddling
  • shaking a toy
  • running with Beckie
  • rolling in smelly stuff
  • getting groomed (yes, he loves the attention)
  • going on walks

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Hmm... Just 5?

Annies are:
  1. Watching for and barking at squirrels
  2. Walks, preferably offleash hikes, or going new places
  3. Running at the dog park
  4. Balls!!! Her indoor plush ball is pretty much always with her during the day, and her plastic squeaky balls get taken away inside a lot...
  5. Cuddling on the bed with her humans
Trixie, not a poodles, are:
  1. Barking at Mom for BEEF TREATS
  2. Snuggles
  3. Trying to get Annie or FWOP to play toys
  4. Stealing toys from Annie
  5. Barking at mom for SUPPER (then not eating it)

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1. Attention from her fan club
2. Playing tug
3. Hunting scents in Nosework class
4. Chasing balls, especially in a big field when I’m also kicking a soccer ball while throwing a ball-on-a-rope: S O E X C I T! I N G
5. Following me everywhere, with a special emphasis on into the car.

Special mention: flying in the living room. Her powers of elevation defy the laws of gravitation. It’s like living with a large curly bird every night at 6 o’clock.

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1. Eating carrots.
2. Staring at people eating carrots.
3. Guarding the house- someone near the front of the house???!!! She needs to tell everyone now!
4. Snuggling with family members.
5. Playing with her one and only (and I mean only- she won't touch anything else) favorite toy.

1. Begging for food.
2. Deciding which bed to sleep in and switching among all 3 in an hour.
3. Sleeping
4. Eating anything other than what he's supposed to.
5. Attempting to talk to his humans (he's the most vocal dog I've ever had)

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eating used paper goods (napkins and such)
fetching anything at any hour of the day
trying to trick other dogs into giving up their good spot on the sofa or bed, generally touching me
did I say eating used paper goods
fetch fetch fetch

obedience training, especially if there is retrieving (but he doesn't play ball fetch)
lying on me
obedience training, especially if there is jumping
obedience training especially if he has to jump to retrieve something

Do you get a sense that they are both pretty single minded?

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1. Eating everything that is not good and not food
2. Runs like crazy
3. Lick her friend Zara
4. Play with ball
5. Not obey mom and dad

1. Sleep with mom
2. Cuddle with mom
3. Go to walk with mom
4. Go to bathroom with mom
5. Eat
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