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How is everyone doing. My name is Theresa im 21 years old i own 4 American Pit Bull Terriers that i love to death. I groom dogs as a job its what i really love to do. I Joined this site becasue i have a customer whos standard poodle just passed away and is looking to get a new one and has asked for my help. But i have no idea of any good poodle breeders. Can you guys help me out. I say in Los Angeles.

thank you
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Welcome Theresa, if you check some forums in the general talk there is mention of breeders.

The only ones I know are up here in Sacramento area.
I Know Of Sisco's Destinctive Poodles In Bakersfeild. They Have A Web Site With Many Photo's. My Boy Is A Grandson From One Of Her Dogs And She Has Been Very Nice And Helpful. Also There Is A Breeder In Pleasanton, Mts Standard Poodles. The Lady There Is Very Knowledgable About Her Dogs. Both Have Web Sites.
Standard Poodle Avail

I just remembered a few days ago on craigslist ( modesto ca) there was a 6 month old male standard poodle, cream, that a family was re-homing. If you go search and put in Poodle it should pull it up. Pics too.

I think this will take you straight to it.

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