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I have been following you two all day and I do have to put in my two cents.
to purple poodle you are very interesting in your post I myself know many vets who are very good and very highly recommended and they will tell you it is a good idea to breed your female once.
You are right how the dog is around people is how they are raised. But I do also believe as do many who really know what they are doing that it is a good thing if you have the means for the female to have a litter. However if you have no intention on taking care of the puppies yes it is best to get your dogs fixed. But in reading the post I do not believe this is the case PoodleGrandma has stated there was a mistake and believe it or not even the best of breeders have this happen to them. However I also believe that you are wrong in many things I think you just jumped on PoodleGrandma thinking you knew all and had someone you could pick on as I see it. I personally agree with most of what poodleGrandma had to say and I think you are possibly just a person whom likes to get on forums to get cause contention. Purple poodle you have many facts wrong and I think instead of reading your books that are written by people whom think they know everything perhaps you should just get to know your dogs and learn from them. As they do in fact have motherly instincts sometimes books don't know what they are talking about. The best way to get to know about dogs is just learn from them yes books can help but today people put to much faith in books that are written by one person and are just one person's opinion on life. I know you will come back with something wrong with what I have said as you have ripped poodlegrandma apart however this is my feelings as I have read the post. There are many people out there that will agree with you and there are many that agree with me. That is the great thing about these forums we all can have our own opinions and share them even if everyone does not agree. But I just had to put in my two cents on this matter as I agreed with Poodlegrandma on this one.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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