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Poodle getting really cold will a shirt be okay?

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I have a 2 year old poodle and he has always kept his fur longer in the winter but he just recently had a close cut. Now he is used to wearing shirts. I don't put sweaters on him but little t shirts.

Would it be a bad idea in keeping him in one until the weather changes. Its been in the 30s and 40s here and windy and rainy (unusual for this time of year) and I am pregnant and constantly burning up so its not much warmer inside than out.

I feel so bad because he is cut so close.

Would it hurt him to leave the shirt on longer than a few hours? He seems more comfortable in it. And he is constantly shivering inside and outside right now. But in the shirt he just curls up and goes to sleep.

He won't get too hot in it will he?

This is his current haircut:

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I see no problem leaving a shirt/sweater/fleece on dogs for long periods of time. As long as they are comfortable, not too hot, mats are brushed out, etc then it is needed in alot of small dogs. A light sweater or fleece jacket might be more warm for him then just a plain tee shirt.
I only would if he's shivering, he would have a much easier time getting warm on his own than cooling off if he over heated with a sweater.
T-shirts are fine. The older they get the more they want to keep warm. Both my toys ended up wearing them most of the time when they were old, till the day they died. It's like old people, you just feel better when you're warm. Sweaters I would watch and usually not leave them in if they start to pant, I then switch them to t-shirts.
Mandy has a sweatshirt that she loves to wear. She had it on for a week one time and never bothered with it scratched at it or anything she just looked warm and cozy and happy.
I don't leave the knitted ones on or her ski jacket though.
Teddy is happy to wear his little sweatshirt for hours on end. It's very short, so it only really covers his chest, but it's just so darn cute on him! LOL
Thin T-shirt cotton is fine.
Okay thanks.

Yeah I don't leave sweaters, he doesn't care for sweaters because most of them have that doggy turtleneck. So we just don't bother with sweaters only t shirts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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