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I adore smooth collies! Such beautiful dogs.

I've not had any ear problems yet with Peggy. We leave her ears alone for the most part, and our groomer cleans them (and plucks a bit if necessary) every 4-6 weeks.

We went longer between her last two appointments, because of lockdown, and the groomer said her ears were quite gunky and needed a little extra attention, so she warned they'd be sensitive. And she was right. Peggy shook her head quite a bit for the next two days, and yelped once when I touched one. But then she was back to normal. I know now NEVER to mess with this timeline. If we can't get her to the groomer, we have to do it ourselves.

As for a comparison, I recently touched on herding breeds vs. poodles in this thread:

But you can probably find lots of similar discussions if you do a forum search for collies.
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