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Poodle doesn't like clean feet!

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This is an apricot mini that comes into our salon, he's so funny I had to record it. He's never actually bitten, he just lets you know what he's feeling inside.

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What a cute little guy! My poodle doesn't enjoy face or feet. When I picked him up from the breeder at 10 weeks old, she warned me that he fought about getting his muzzle trimmed - boy, she wasn't kidding! Now I put my face real close to his (seems like something you shouldn't do when a dog threatens to bite) and give him little kisses on his face as I'm trimming with the clippers. It calms him down, but he still jerks his head a bit. He's now 4 1/2 yrs old and I still need to do this - it's just one of his things.

I only had to use a muzzle once when clipping his feet. He realized that he couldn't get me and put his head down in shame. I never had to use the muzzle again - but somehow he pulled it out of my bag of grooming supplies and chewed it to bits!
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