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My boy hates to be brushed. He is only 7 months. Will he outgrow this or do I need to change brushes? I use one of those rectangular shaped paddles with wire like brissles. Is it too harsh? Thanks!!
PS- Do you use conditioner on your poodle at home?
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He is just going to START changing coat. You ought to buy several combs, dematters, pin and slicker brushes. and yes, conditioner is a great idea.
Invest in a grooming table. I always had problems brushing them out at home too until I got a table. You can find a table in which the grooming arm is included. So if your poodle won't stay on the table, he can't jump off when you are changing tools.
WARNING! Once you get the grooming table, you may develop an interest in seeing what other grooming tasks you can handle. Next you find yourself buying a dryer, clippers, scissor, etc!:rolffleyes:
I have to admit I am partial to Chris Christensen brushes. They cost a little more but work beautifully! Just check your slicker to make sure it is not too harsh. If you stroke it against your arm and it feels uncomfortable; it feels uncomfortable to your pooch, too!
always remember.... you are bigger and stronger than any poodle, get a hold of it and let it know its brush time.... over time dogs get used to anything....

there are alot of different tools to use, usually by groomers and show-ers, but i find paddle works just fine.... dog just has to get used to it.... 7 months? you should be happy you can keep it in one room much less your lap

Yes, I am stronger but he is 61 pounds and tends to bite my arms when I am brushing his legs. I just ordered a Les Poochs slicker, so I am hoping for the best. THANKS:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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