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The Rules below are from the Updated Forum Rules and apply to this section.



Breeders, be aware that members will likely dissect and provide feedback about what you offer, which should be civil, but may or may not be positive.

5.4 Established and participating members who are poodle breeders may post ONE self-promotional thread in the Poodle Breeder Directory which you may update at any time, about what you offer in that subforum with your contact websites and/or photos, but again, you cannot directly sell puppies, services, other services, discuss prices or do transactions on that thread, other threads, or in PM's/private conversations on Poodle Forum.

5.5 Threads of self-promotion by commercial breeders, puppy mill and pet shop representatives, and doodlers will be deleted.

5.6 You are not allowed to announce your services of cross-bred poodles in the Poodle Breeder Directory, as we will not allow promotion of the breeding or selling of mixed-breed poodles anywhere on the forum. We will not tolerate anyone promoting or advertising their kennel or services in this line of business.

Members Rules In Responding To The Poodle Breeder Directory Threads

Members may create a thread asking about a specific breeder, preferably in the Poodle Breeder Directory subforum which is located under the Poodle Talk forum. Please use the search bar first to see if information has already been posted. As a member, you may recommend, refer, and discuss breeders.

5.7 Members may not ask a breeder how much his/her puppies or dogs cost or attempt to make direct transactions, either publicly or in PM's on Poodle Forum.

5.8 You may not solicit stud services on Poodle Forum.

5.9 In discussing a breeder, your opinions and inferences should be based on a degree of available factual knowledge. What is factual knowledge? It covers a lot of ground:

a) You have experience with the breeder. This is where you have spoken directly and in-depth or worked with the breeder, OR

b) You have directly observed the environment where the puppies and dogs are; OR,

c) Other concrete observations - You have read or observed in photos or videos on their sites or other electronic site(s), which may include pedigrees, health testing, contracts, public court documents or animal welfare complaints, OR

d) You have read information on OFA or a DNA testing site and seen which conditions were tested - and observed which tests have been omitted; OR

e) You have read court documentation or registered complaints on government websites, and review websites such as Yelp or Google, and can provide the links.

f) There is no agreed upon term defining a “backyard breeder”. For example, one person’s hobby breeder who doesn’t place their poodle in Conformation shows but has other assets, still might be another person’s byb. Instead, stating non-judgmental, specific factual observations in their breeding program and environment is far more productive, and shows respect to all readers who can make up their own minds without anyone telling them what and how to think.

Members may make reasonable inferences from the above which leaves a lot of room to do so. HOWEVER, members are not to make wild assumptions and "fill in the blanks". Breeding, when done with excellence, is expensive, so this is to avoid spreading untruths, but also for you not being sued for libel or defamation.
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