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Poodle Bathing

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One thing I love about Perry and his size is bathing him. I just get TheFiance to pop him in the shower with me when I'm done and I hold him with one hand and lather him up with the other!

The funniest part is that he "swims" the entire time. Seriously, he doggy paddles! lol, he also enjoys to "walk" if you hold him a few inches above the ground and walk with him yourself. So I guess I should expect this from him, lol.

Um... I know I am doing a lot wrong when I bathe him - poodle wise... what should I do after bath? I usually just let him air dry... and he looks like he does in the pictures I've posted... curly.

Should I blow dry him? And brush? He has never matted up with us, and his hair has been longer than this before, but there is a first for everything. Advice, etc?
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You don't have to dry him if you don't mind him being curly. Unless he is at risk of getting chilled that is. Even if you do take a shot at blowdrying you don't have to straighten him. I have a bunch of poodle clients who like the curly look lol. Of course I have to blow the hair straight to get a good haircut but I spritz them with water and let them re curl when I am finished. I would suggest you brush him though, before and after bath. Like you said, there is a first time for everything and matting could be down the line if you get into the habit of letting him go unbrushed after getting wet :) So much about grooming is personal preference, I don't think you are commiting any major grooming sins LoL
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