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Poodle as dog #3?

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Howdy from Texas, ya'll. I have two dogs, Bailey, a rescued male Maltese and Harley, a 4 year old male Rottweiler. Bailey is getting up there in years and Harley is finally 100% mature, so I'm thinking now would be a good time to add another dog.

I feel very torn between getting another big dog or another little one. Big dogs are awesome. If I went with that option, Harley would have a buddy to romp with. Would a Standard Poodle be able to handle that? Harley is extremely well behaved and loves other dogs. He is very submissive for a Rottie, so I'm not worried about dog aggression at all. He is a BIG boy though and if I got another large dog, I wouldn't want it to get accidentally hurt. There are a few large breeds that I really like but dog aggression (from the new dog) and prey drive (in addition to the Malt, I have four cats) are concerns. I also don't want a huge dog. Having a dog as big as Harley makes traveling quite difficult, his crate takes up a lot of room and he barely fits in the back seat of my car.

I've always loved the standards. My SIL is a groomer and recently got her first one. My bro and SIL are bringing him to visit for Thanksgiving and I'm so excited. She also has a friend, her mentor, that has a beautiful black standard boy. Both dogs live with other animals and small children with no problem.

I groom my Maltese myself, so I feel kind of prepared for a poodle's grooming needs. What kind of energy level do the Standards have? My main reason for picking a Rottweiler was their energy level. I wanted a large dog that would have the stamina for long walks/hikes, but was calm indoors. Harley fits that to a T. He is sleeping (snoring) at my feet while I'm typing this, LOL. He loves playing in the yard and going for walks, but know how to behave in the house.
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Hi Harley chik - I am only a new standard owner - T is 18 weeks today (I think). We have an older GSD - 11 years in Feb. Locky the GSD is very well behaved and not dog aggressive in anyway and him and the standard pup get along so well I can't get over what best mates they have become in such a short time. T jumps all over him, chews on the side of his face and generally annoys the heck out of him. When Locky has had enough he snaps in T's direction or knocks him over to end the game. We have had the odd squeal from T when he has been knocked too hard but he is very resilient and always bounces back.

We also have a cat (Missy) and she is less tolerant of T but they get along well enough. Missy is still a little scared and T is so boisterous with her she usually gets up and leaves before he can settle down and get to know her.
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Hi Harley Chik - welcome - my boy Teddy would be a great playmate for your rottie. He is very stocky for a poodle and has hurt my female by crashing into her. He always wants to play - has so much energy etc. I think a standard will do well with your dog. Probably a male like Teddy would be good. good luck!
I have a 90 lb Pitbull thats plays with my two Standards. She has never hurt them and they keep up very well. I aslo have a Rat Terrier thats plays very well with the boys (standards). Standards seem to adapt well to what ever the situation is. Hard play or soft...lol
Welcome, hope you join the Poodle family soon - they are a wonderful breed.
Thanks so much for all the information! Paddington, my bro and SIL's dog, is here right now and I'm in love. He might go missing when it's time for them to leave :evil: He's so sweet and loving. Not to mention, omg gorgeous. Harley likes him too.
We have a 135+ lb Rottie, that plays very well with our standard poodles. Our standards weigh approx. 50 lbs. and 60 lbs. Our Rottie is also very submissive, is not at all aggresssive. They all romp and have a great time together. I'm sure you would be fine adding a standard poodle to your family, and I'm sure you would fall in love with one also, like all the rest of us on this forum have done. We love our Rottie too, but whats really exceptionally nice about our poodles, is that they do not shed. Our Rottie sheds like crazy all year long.
My standard is only a 50 pound puppy and he has several dog park buddies that are Rotties. One of them was 130 pounds. They had a BLAST. The only negative is that Max winds up covered in slobber! Poodles aren't as dainty as people think. Mine really likes to rough house and likes the rough and tumble kind of dogs to play with!
I have two standards, Bonita a 3yr old and Consuela a 2yr old. Both have been brought up with all dogs as i help run a dog walking service, They Both enjoy the rough play with Labs, Rotties, German Sheps, Goldens, Jack russels .. and a few others both dog adjust their roughness to the breed of dog, Their not stupid. lol. Get A Poodle, They are by far the best breed ive owned so far!!!
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