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I absolutely LOVE the looks of a good poodle in a good continental clip, but wouldn't mind at all if they could be shown in a "working" clip. I am growing out Grace's continental clip for showing in a couple months or so, but my dogs are allowed to be dogs and thus go outside and play and hike with us so keeping her coat up is a bit more work. A working clip would be easier and a lot less worry on coat breaking. Oh, well.

Grace still growing out her coat... and she is going through her coat change now ALSO! FuN, FUN, FUN..... not!! lol. Well, I suppose it could be worse, Grace has the proper, crisp, poodle coat so it is not as hard to keep her knot free as it would be if her coat was softer and fluffier. I absolutely love the coat that the line Grace, Billy and Chantel come from has. Good, crisp, dense, proper coats!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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