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Poll on Showing

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If you could show your Poo in the Sport clip in AKC, would you show your Poodle?
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Hmm. I dont know. I have never been in the show world, and have never shown a dog. I have no interest in breeding or keeping an intact dog (for a long time), so why would i show? I could Perhaps see myself doing it.

Do the requirements of keeping a poodle in such a long coat and ALL the hard work that goes along with that tend to "weed out" some people who dont have good dogs? I personally love the look of the cuts now, and i think the dogs in short clips in UKC look unbalanced (perhaps because i am so used to seeing the ACK clips?).
You can show in the continental in UKC. Just no handlers and no hairspray.
Here's Kitty in a UKC show.


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I would show ANY dog only if I could do it myself and as long as my dog finds it fun.

Show ring is so "politicized" and so many "under table" deals are made:fight: that it has no appeal to me to participate in those events.

I , however understand that it is necessary to have shows. They are kind of "necessary evil" since they promote responsible breeding and health testing as well as adhering to breed standard.

Hi Wishpoo, Welcome to this forum. Cute avatar. Do you have any poos and if so could you post some pics, we all love looking at them. What part of California are you from? We live in Central Cal.
I don't think the clip your dog is in should be the deciding factor on whether you show your dog in the akc or not... that's silly.

I would love to have my girl in a sporting clip .. But this is required for the AKC shows..
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I wish the shows were based on the dog, not it's haircut.

I love the modified / pet continentel clip, but the upkeep of the full one has to be such a hassal.
Hey Fuzbutt : )) ! Thanks for a warm welcome :wave:!

I am in the Bay Area :crazy: lol.

I had a spoo (black boy) when I was a teen and he was a love of my life . Since than I dreamed all of my life about getting a pup for myself again but somehow life never presented the "right time" to get one - I wanted everything to be perfect for that special edition.

In the meantime - I spent a lot of time doing research, studying lines, meeting breeders, playing with other people's poos and browsing poodle sites when I needed some "poo time".

I found this site by accident and I was so happy to find a place where there are other humans that love poodles as much as I do. Most people have misconception about this most noble breed and it drives me crazy but maybe it is good that it is not the most popular breed ! That way it is at least somewhat protected from over breeding and explanation (until now that poo mixes came into the picture *sigh....).

Your poodles look ADORABLE and I like your user name lol. I wish I have a photo to share :love-over:! Oh, maybe I can post mine LOL - I have very curly brown hair, puppy-trim ; ) !!!
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Wishpoo, we're in Riverbank just outside of Modesto. Lived in Oakdale previously, I'm sure you've been through Oakdale if you have made any trips to the mountains. We have 2 standards and 2 toy poodles. Love them a lot. Hope that the "Right Time" comes around to you soon, so that your dream can come true.
Kinda' getting off topic here, why don't you go to Poodle Forum, then to Member Introduction and introduce yourself. I'm sure you will get lots of warm welcomes.
Ok I will admit right off the bat that I am out of the loop on showing for over 5 years. But as far as I know the Sport clip is allowed by the AKC in the show ring by already CH, stud , bitch and kennel classes. Ofcourse puppies are in puppy coat then it goes to contenietal or engish saddle till after they make CH.

In the UKC which is mostly owner handle it is the same.
Aaaaaawe Fuz xoxxoooooooooooooo !!!! You are so kind :rose::rose::rose:

Yes, I know where are you located : ))) !!! You must be having a nice big yard then : ) ! I was in Modesto on couple of occasions : )) !

Yes, I still hope I will get my pup one day :clover: !!!!

Oooopssss- did I miss some steps joining ? I hope it was OK to "jump in" like this ?!

Regarding clips - I think that it should be some general universal required "cuts" or different breeders/ owners would show up in the ring with all kind of clips and styles and with a poodle it would be just one crazy parade of styles ; ) !

I love present rules , although adult AKC cut is overly exaggerated now , I think.
Ok I will admit right off the bat that I am out of the loop on showing for over 5 years. But as far as I know the Sport clip is allowed by the AKC in the show ring by already CH, stud , bitch and kennel classes. Ofcourse puppies are in puppy coat then it goes to contenietal or engish saddle till after they make CH.

In the UKC which is mostly owner handle it is the same.
In the UKC shows I've been to there has been only ONE poodle in a continental. Most still look like puppy clips and a few with very little hair. Also, very few solids, I can count them on one hand but a lot of Partis, most Partis/few mismarks competing for GRCH.
I absolutely LOVE the looks of a good poodle in a good continental clip, but wouldn't mind at all if they could be shown in a "working" clip. I am growing out Grace's continental clip for showing in a couple months or so, but my dogs are allowed to be dogs and thus go outside and play and hike with us so keeping her coat up is a bit more work. A working clip would be easier and a lot less worry on coat breaking. Oh, well.

Grace still growing out her coat... and she is going through her coat change now ALSO! FuN, FUN, FUN..... not!! lol. Well, I suppose it could be worse, Grace has the proper, crisp, poodle coat so it is not as hard to keep her knot free as it would be if her coat was softer and fluffier. I absolutely love the coat that the line Grace, Billy and Chantel come from has. Good, crisp, dense, proper coats!
I had shown Amstaffs/Pit bulls both ukc and akc and happen to love showing. However, showing a poodle akc is very demanding when you also have a family with children. If a easier to maintain clip (sporting) was allowed for the reg classes, it would make it an option for me. So for now, I have to wait until my kids get older or until they allow a sporting clip as an option. Or just show UKC but I have prefered AKC over the years.
Jester, what is the line of your beautiful dog : ))) ??? Isn't it interesting how every line has something specific about it ?! Some have just drop dead gorgeous heads, some fantastic coats, some have great pigmentation ... I bet judges sometimes could recognize the line without even looking at the name :nerd:
I think I would say no, I really don't care for the AKC ring politics.

Just to point out, its NOT required by standard to have a poodle in a continental with a HUGE top knot/neck or to even band the hair. If you look back though the times you can see that the clip is much more glamorized now a days.

Also it clearly states in the Standard that:

"the ear fringe should not be of excessive length."
"The hair is only of sufficient length to present a smooth outline."

One more thing, according to the standard the coat is worth the least amount of points yet eveyone puts the most into it.
"Coat, color and texture.......10"

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By reading most responses most just don't like showing period so I don't think any clip would change their mind.

In UKC I see a lot of poodles in sporting or puppy.

I think if AKC did allow sporting clip or to let people keep them in puppy clip more people would probably show more.
I agree Rox, I think it would benift the new comers to showing and the breed. Its discourging to love a breed and want to show it but when you see what it takes to keep up with the Jones's you back off.

I have always wanted to be an owner handler yet when I told people I wanted to show Poodles they told me I would never place and I HAVE to have a pro show my dog. I think thats crazy, how many other breeds HAVE to be shown by a pro handler?
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