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well personally...I think poetry is annoying...and a bit insipid v.v;
but since my beau wrote it, I felt I needed to post it lol

You make me laugh, you make me live,
With little effort, at times you give.
My furry little friend, you’re as soft as a cloud,
Though sadly louder then many other sounds.
You eat and sleep, and sleep and eat,
And waste the day, stuffed full of treats.

But I can’t help it, and I can’t stop,
When those sad little eyes, on my lap end up.
You bring me joy, and show me love,
For just a toy, a bath, or hug!

You keep me going, long jogs and runs,
Pull and tugs, no time for shrugs!
Throw the stick, toss the ball, the tricks we play, you know them all!
You’re just too smart, and just too bright,
My fuzzy friend, you’re quite a sight!

Groom and dry, poof and style,
Though on your face, not a smile.
You’ll stand tall, and win it all,
Lets steal the show, and win that bow!

At last the day, so long at end,
To bed we’ll go, though you’re ahead.
Curl up warm, at the foot of my bed,
Your loud snores, stuck in my head!

Tomorrow again, we’ll do the same, for years to come, and days on end.
You’re the best, you’re the greatest,
Oh how I love you,
My dear poodle friend.

He thinks it needs a bit of tweaking, but I personally love it since its about poodles

((this one I actually didn't b**** and moan about having to read XD ))
Tea Party of the Otherworldly by ~thegreywizard on deviantART
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