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I am new to group living in NV now but from TN. Hoping to find a toy silver girl. She could be an younger adult.
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nevada puts you in ashs mystical territory. several members have poodles from that breeder. just so you know, she is a larger scale breeder and some have objections to that, though if you look at her dogs, they seem to come from good lines. perhaps do a search on pf re comments on her and her dogs.
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Just wanted to pop in and say welcome from Alabama. Love to go to Chattanooga. What a fun city.
I know from research that there are poodle rescues in many areas. If it could be a younger adult, maybe you could consider looking into that. I went through a poodle rescue, and didn’t get a poodle but a poodle/Pom mix. Next year I’ll be getting a toy, and he/she will be from a breeder. It will only be my second dog I’ve ever gotten from a breeder,(I am 59).

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