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Pink Poodle... Hubby is furious

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Sooooooo Jazz's purple and orange halloween look wore off so in a moment of boredom I decided to try pink. As usual I failed to think things though entirely and figured out mid dye that I didn't have enough pink dye. Grrrreat. So I tried to mix two colors of red in with the pink and hope that a shorter process time would result in the pink color I wanted. It almost worked... lol. The result was a simi even peach color. Not what I wanted.

I sent hubby to walmart to purchase that good old standby Food coloring and instructed him to purchase at least five of the big bottles of red. Some minor complaints from him and my new favorite phrase (*sniffle* I'm having your son you know!!!) from me saw him off to wally world to do my bidding.

I really like the results... kinda... well ok I'm not sold but they are growing on me. The peach color kind of peaks through the pink, reminds me of sherbert which is pretty. I had left her 'mane and tail" white planning on doing them purple but ended up getting the red food coloring on them in spite of myself so jst went ahead and did them pink. The color there is a prettier pink IMO than her body since there was really no base dye color underneath. I LOVE the color her topknot came out :) She has a vet appt at 11:30 monday so after that maybe I'll try and make her mane purple so her haircut doesn't look dumb. Well maybe it looks dumb either way but at least with it dyed a different color people understand what we were going for haircut wise lol.
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You can really see the sherbert look best on her tail in this picture. There was a tiny bit of color there before the food coloring b/c she is sooo good at getting red dye on her tail while I am tryingt o dye the backs of her legs

Hubby doesn't care much for the color. When we go for walks with the dogs he always walks Jazz because he likes her best. He's already been complaining that he doesn't want to walk such a loudly colored dog. Oh well... it'll fade lol assuming I don't re-do the color any time soon. I personaly like it and am sooooo proud of myself for having Jazz a whole year before I gave in to the tempation to color her pink!
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I think pink poodles are the best! :) I always vowed before I got a dog that if I did get a poodle, it would be pink at least once in it's life haha.
I like the second picture... looks like a crime scene for sure! I like how it turned out though, she looks really cute in that peachy pink color.
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