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As requested, some pics of my baby! You ask and you shall recieve :)

These were taken a few minutes ago...notice no more runny eyes, wooo! AND his nose is already starting to get darker since the snow is going away and theres been alot more sun, hes even been for a few walks (I held him, he walked a little). Dont mind his crazy hair, thats what happens when you go a month without a bath...

Chillin' on my lap

this bone thing I bought at the dog show for 50 cents, haha. He doesnt really like it...I dont know why! My other dogs would go crazy for it! He likes the cheapo rawhide and turkey jerky chews, I guess thats a good thing but I was having so much fun wasting my money on new chews (I probably spent $20 on chews at the show)lol. I was disapointed he didnt really like it. A couple licks and he was done with it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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