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Pictures of Baxter ;)

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Hello, I am new here! I have a mini poodle that we rescued from the shelter a few months ago. He is 5 months now.
The pictures in this layout was done shortly after we adopted Baxter. ;)

These are newer pictures...taken just a couple weeks ago.

I actually got him groomed today, so I will have to get a new picture! He looks so big now with his paws and face shaved! lol​
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How Cute! :D
He looks like a real sweetheart, and kudos to you for rescuing him
from that shelter!

Would love to see more pictures of him! :D
OMG, you rescued him. How could anyone do that to a poodle :(

Good on you, Im sure he will thank you for the rest of his days :)
Wow, he's a rescue! Good for you, and even better for little Baxter :)
Thanks everybody. Yes, he was a rescue. He was actually an owner surrender because the owner was going into a nursing home and she could no longer care for them anymore. The mother (dam- is that the technical term?) was brought in too. She is a beautiful white poodle. I wanted to take them both, but I couldn't convince my husband. lol She was adopted really quick, as you can imagine.

My husband and I actually went in looking for a big, adult outside dog...and I came home with a baby poodle. :high5:

Here is a picture of Baxter's Mom.

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Yes, Dam is the technical term, lol.
Baxter's mom is adorable as well, I can
see why she was adopted so quickly!
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