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Pics of the other Ivy (lots of them)

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This is my Ivy. She's 6.5 months old, and is the sweetest dog. I adopted her right before Thanksgiving from a "breeder" that was pretty much running a puppymill. Ivy had very little human socialization, and still gets scared easily. I have just been taking it slow and giving her lots of TLC, and she is slowly coming out of her shell. She has grown 2 inches and gained about 6 lbs since coming home. She's now 23.5 inches at the withers and 36 lbs

Please ignore her bad topknot. The "breeder" shaved up above her eyes and part of the side of her head :doh:.

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My roommates BF holding her to show her snowballs. We couldn't keep them off of her
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With my other 2 (Elliot the almost 2 yr-old lab and Esme the 8 mth old Mini Schnauzer)

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The first pic I ever saw of her. She was 4.5 months old. Notice the bad haircut?? SHe looked way worse when I brought her home. Her eyes were badly infected and one side of her face was swollen and she had nasty ear infections. Notice she's sitting on a towel; the breeder flat out told me that she doesn't let her dogs in the house because they might mess up her floor :(
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what a cute dog, full of personality, love the natural tail, very expressive
her tail is like a lemur or something, it's adorable!!! She is adorable!! lol
What a sweet looking girl :) looks like she loved the snow!
She is absolutely beautiful, I love her cute expression!
You are truly blessed to have her, and she you :)
Honestly her tail took some getting used to because I had never seen a Standard with a natural (and curled) tail. The breeder said that she usually docks tails, but she got lazy with Ivy's litter and never had it done. At least she did do genetic and health testing on the bitch and stud; she did something right.

I've grown to love her tail though; it makes her Ivy.

Thanks for all of the nice comments
I absolutely love the fact that you are letting her run free .. Thanks for rescuing her.....What a beauty
Ivy is beautiful...she reminds me of my Misa. I know all about bad topknots....We are still trying to fix Misa's ....The first groomer she had did the exact same thing...shave above the eyes. Luckily now, I think I've found someone who will do a better job.
She is darling. I like her looks and she is all natural!! Very nice.
She looks like she is having the time of her life. It's wonderful that you adopted her and made her well and happy again.
Wow, check out that tail!! I've never seen a poodle tail with that much curl, it's really cute. She's a pretty girl, and she's lucky to have such a caring owner rescue her from a nasty "breeder"! Good for you, you seem like you really love her. :)
Like the coat! You could use leg wraps on the dog, like the ones to protect from pee and such on show dogs. Just get the longer ones for all four legs.
Like the coat! You could use leg wraps on the dog, like the ones to protect from pee and such on show dogs. Just get the longer ones for all four legs.
I'll have to check into that before we go to the snow next time; thanks
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