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Pics of my new silver girl and the other family members

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Well, I absolutely love the temperament and looks of my sister's male that we picked up about six weeks ago, so I went back and purchased his silver sister two weeks ago. She is 6 months old now. She is beautiful and extremely sweet and gentle. So, now I have my 8 yr. old Dobe, Jade; my 6 month old toy poo boy, Jester; my little 4 1/2 month old brown standard, Angel; and now an elegant 6 month silver named Grace. Yep, we sure do LOVE the poodles!!!! We are going to look at some 9 week old standard girls for my sister tomorrow. She wants a second one too.

We took all of the poos to the nursing home last week with our mother (she is in there with Alzheimer's, that is what got us started with the poos) and we took her around in a wheel chair to various rooms in the other wards to visit and the poos were all GREAT and our mom had a wonderful time, it was so rewarding emotionally. In fact, the nurses in there thought our poos were all adults because they were so calm and well behaved. Poos RULE...:high5: lol.

Ok, a lot of pics, I know..lol. My sister is a professional photographer and she took two of my pics.... one has Billy & Grace and the other has Angel & Grace... they are not professional shots (we will be taking pro ones soon) but she took them and fancied them up.


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Hello jesters mom, love your new silver girl and all of your other dogs as well. They are all just beautiful, and look like very happy fur babies. Very nice pictures.
Hope you all don't feel I am on overload but I have so many neat pics I just thought I'd add a few more... :) I love taking pics. Angel wasn't thrilled about being stacked and kept leaning back, but it was still a nice pic of her.

Let me know if I am too on over load. :)


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look at all of these baby silvers popping up everywhere!! Congrats, very beautiful!! And you honestly think we could have pic overload??? ha
Congrats !!!! What a pretty silver girl you have. I really like her tight feet.
You certainly have a beautiful pack of pretty Poodles. I just love the Standard's Poodles....sorry smaller Poodle owner's. lol

Keep posting pics when you take them. I think we all love to see pics!
Too many pics NO WAY, feel free to post as many and as often as you like, except it makes me feel bad cause I am so slack and can't take a decent picture anyway lol.

I think your all buying silver poos to goad me into buying one too :rofl:

She is very beautiful, I can see from those shots how wonderful a little silver standard pup would look playing with the 'T Dog' :smile:
She is beautiful!!!

I love all the pic's in the snow, kinda makes me wish we had snow just for a photo shoot!!!
Oh I love the pictures! keep them coming! your dogs have such beautiful faces! How do you get them to pose like that? its wonderful - those pix shoud be in a calendar or something - they are great!
I can't stop looking at your pix - the first one with the two silvers - how on earth did you get them to pose like that - they are so beautiful!!!
Wow that's a lot of poodle puppies - but I can see why you can't resist them! They're all beautiful and I'm sure Angel and Grace will enjoy playing together.
Angel has a gorgeous face.
They're all beautiful!
how cute congrats on your parade of poodles
Awwwww how cute!!! COngrats. Our little one will have so many silver pics to look at when we bring her home. I can't wait.
They are all gorgeous.
Keep posting pictures.
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