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Pics of my girls

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I have tried to attach two pictures of my girls - Torie and Fiona. They are Chinese Cresteds. Fiona (is ungroomed) in the first one and Torie is the one who wouldn't look at the camera in the second picture.


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They are so cute. Where did you get them from? I would like to add another dog to the family and a chinese crested was on my list along with another poodle or yorkie
I love this breed of dog, they are so unique! :D
Lovely Girls!
Thanks so much! Fiona came from someone in Ohio and I don't know how much they really breed now. But Torie came from Creekside Cresteds out of Indianapolis Indiana and I LOVE her breeder. I know of some excellent ones in Ohio too.
They are a really sweet cuddly breed. Especially the hairless (the puffs don't seem to be as needy but still very people oriented).
The are too cute! I have heard they are very "poodle-y" in their personality.
Awww your girls are lovely. I really love the hairless, they are so beautiful. My friend owns the powderfuffs, although they are gorgeous I went to show them for her, and the little buggers went to bite me :(

So told her to show her own dogs :rofl:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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