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We, the poodle gang, the non poodle and I went to the vet today. Annual check ups , blood draws and nail trims.

I spoke with my Pia in regards to Pia's neck, spine and my concerns, especially since causes for elbow pain can be cervical spine issues, I agree the second incidence was a true elbow injury, the first incident three weeks ago that had Pia wobbly and unsteady, is her neck or rather cervical spine because she is walking with her head down fairly straight backed.
I am terrified of this diagnosis because I lost my first poodle Baby to a ruptured disc in her neck.
I spoke at length at what we could do to help her heal and prevent injury. I do most everything already, there are ramps or stairs, I just go new rug for the slippery bathroom floor.
My furniture is low to the ground.
So no changes there, the use of a brace (they are usually used in weiner dogs)is no real help at the moment, using a neck brace would be very restrictive. My vet through the pros and cons since I broached the issue.
Where my vet suspect the issue is, only verifiable by MRI. We discussed acupuncture. And other therapies, like building strength in her neck.
For now, Pia is bandage free she was stir crazy being slowed down by the bandage.
So now Pia is on a 10 day course of Gabapentin, to easy her discomfort, side effect of the drug is its calming affect. If that isn't enough there is steriods.
I like having a plan, I hate feeling helpless not being able to help with furry friends

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I'm glad you have a plan - I can well imagine your anxiety about the dangers of a ruptured disc, after going through it with Sophy. Sophy's problem is in her lower back, and has been much helped by a good osteopath over the years - may be worth asking your vet about.
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