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I thought this might be fun to log on the pf instead of just inside my head! Honestly I don't care what color she turns out because I love her and color was not why I got her if I'm being honest. So let her turn green for all I care 馃槀 lol! I do think as of right now she is a black with guard hair, which i'm not sure if that is the same as a bad black.

I know that her sire was black and her dam was black. Her sire has an interesting color lineage, sire was SLVR BG and dam was BLK with markings. But he also had BR, SLVR, and APCT on his side of the pedigree, which could have passed down a fading gene if Im correct? As her dam had a BLK sire and a CR dam, her lineage is mostly BLK & WH with one BR. In Phoebe's litter there was two APCT, one WH & BLK parti and the rest were Black w/without mismarks.

Here is her at 9wks, she was called registered as a BLK WH MKGS as she had a white patch on her chin and chest. The chest patch did not hold up as strong as she grew and is just a few white hairs but not as bold as what it was.

The next picture is her after a groom when she was about 3/4 months, to show her clean face as a puppy. She definitely is not "silver" because that generally will show up when they are younger from what I have learned.

For the past six months I have noticed Phoebe getting what I call "guard hairs", white hair that was showing up around her hips and tail. This picture is of her face at the start of seeing the white hairs on her back but there was non really on her face.

Slowly but surely the white "guard hairs" have been increasing and now she has also has them on the underside of her ears that I noticed about a month ago.

Yesterday was grooming day and I looked at the bottom of her paws before I trimmed them up, they did have patches of white hair. From what I have read some think is a possible indication of a blue, although since she was a mismark it could just be a spot I did not notice.

Here is a current picture of her back as well.

If you got this far thanks for taking the time to read my crazy post! :LOL:

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Not crazy at all
Below is my following my Beatrice's color change
How do cafe's clear?
It is amazing how much they can change in color
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